Manual DataDisplay Updater

(Attention, the display must be connected to the controller, it is not enough if only the controller is updated!)


Download actual Version:


Quick guide to easy update with the default settings:

Start DataDisplay_Update.exe.

(If the DotNet Framework 4.8 is not installed you will be prompted to install it and will be directed to the official Microsoft site for download)

Connect USB cable to the laptop.

When the DataDisplay appears under "Found DataDisplays (Serial Number)" press the button "START UPDATE".

If a window pops up asking "Replug Controller", disconnect and reconnect the USB cable. When the controller reappears under "Found DataDisplays (Serial Number)", wait a few seconds and confirm the message.

The update is ready as soon as the "START UPDATE" button reappears.


Start DataDisplay_Update.exe.

The version is in the header of the window.



Select language package to be installed.

Street Legal Version: If this option is activated, a version without exhaust flap control will be installed

Select the desired style (default is the NBT style selected)

Factory Reset: Reset the display to factory settings. ATTENTION: all settings are lost

Install Driver: If no controller appears under "Found DataDisplays" the driver may be missing (not necessary for Windows 10, already integrated in the system)


Custom Display TFT: With the Nextion Editor (download normal update package and open the desired HMI file with the Nextion Editor) adjustments can be made to the interface (boot image and co.). This adapted HMI file can be converted with the Nextion Editor into a TFT file which can then be selected here. More below.


Found DataDisplays (Serial Number): If everything is correct, drivers are installed and DataDisplay Controller is connected via USB, the found controller appears here

Displaytype: Here the size of the display appears during the update process (Beta debug output, will be discontinued in the future)

Status: Another beta issue that will be omitted later.

Progessbar: This bar indicates progress during the display update (which takes a few minutes to complete)

START UPDATE: With this button you start the update.


Own boot image or other adjustments to the surface:

If this PC is being updated for the first time, the "Nextion Editor" must be installed. Execute file from the update package "nextion-setup-vXX.exe".

Select the appropriate display version.

There are two different sizes: 3.2 inches and 3.5 inches.

3.2 inch displays are installed in: E9X, E6X

3.5 inch displays are installed in: E7X, E8X, F2X, F3X, F8X

If different styles are offered, this can be recognized by NBT or CIC in the file name.

Open the desired file with a double-click.

The Nextion Editor starts.


Switch left bottom to "Picture":

The first picture is the boot picture.

Right-click on the factory boot image and a menu will appear.

Select "Replace" here and select your own picture.

The following image sizes must be used:
3.2 inch displays: Width x Height: 400 x 240 Pixel
3.5 inch displays: Width x Height: 480 x 320 Pixel

It should have the image format JPG.

The change now requires a TFT file to be created.

In the menu on the top left click on "File" and then on "TFT file output":


A new window is opening up:

Press the button "Output". The TFT file will now be created and a new window with the location will be opened. The file can now be copied to any location and selected with the updater.