Where can I find the installation instructions for my display?

Instructions for installation can be found in the shop for the appropriate product under "Attachments".

Wiki Pic Installation



Release OBD2-Port

In order to carry out a diagnosis on the vehicle or to be able to connect a tester to the OBD2-Port, the DataDisplay must be disabled/locked.

(If the OBD2-Blocker is activated in the settings, deactivate it first)

To lock the DataDisplay, press the lock symbol in the main menu.

If not already done, enter a 4-digit PIN (0000 is not allowed). Repeat the PIN to make sure that you have not mistyped.

Then the DataDisplay is locked and the OBD2-Port can be used by external devices.


ATTENTION F-Series: In the F-Series, turn the ignition off and lock the car once. Open the car again and the OBD2-Port is released for other devices.


When the use of the OBD2-Port is finished, the DataDisplay can be unlocked again with the self-selected 4-digit PIN.



Is my vehicle supported?

A list of supported models or motors can be found in the shop-menu under "Functions".

We are happy to adapt the software directly to the vehicle, so that even engines that are not in the list are supported.

Just contact us.



Why do not the values of torque and power match?

The DataDisplay does not replace a dynamometer and the values ​​may differ from the actual power or torque.

With series software on the vehicle the experience showed that the values ​​are very good, here should be only a minimal deviation.

For a software of the engine control unit (tuning), which is no longer original, it depends on how well the tuner knows and also adapted the corresponding tables during the tuning. Here, certain tables are responsible for detecting the current torque and sending it to the remaining ECUs (including the DataDisplay).

In both cases: The DataDisplay can only reproduce what the engine control unit believes to have torque.

Power (PS / KW / HP) is just a calculation and the result comes from the torque and the speed.

Under "Settings" - "Page 2" there is the "torque offset". That is a factor, i.e. 1.10 means the torque of the engine control unit * 1.10 (400Nm becomes 440Nm). The display underneath shows the newly calculated torque.

To explain which signal the DataDisplay uses:
This torque signal includes the, applied to the crankshaft mean torque including all internal (knock control, speed limitation, smoke limitation, etc.) and external intervention. Inertia moments are not considered here.



My touch is not working or bad

In some cases, it may happen that the frame is clamped during installation and presses against the display.

The touch is already triggered and does not accept further pressure by a finger.

To find the place you can install this update:


Follow this update manual. Step 3 is not necessary.

The area of the display on which the touch is pressed is highlighted in orange.

This makes it easier to find out which site is affected.

Then install a complete update so that the DataDisplay is fully operational again.

In most cases, it is sufficient to remove the display again and possibly the screws that hold the display to the frame to loosen and gently tighten again.


I accidentally chose E-Series instead of F-Series during initial setup (display does not work)

If the E-Series was chosen for the first setup on an F-Series model, the DataDisplay now waits for the ignition signal.

But that is not necessary with the F-series and so the display does not work.

The solution is to reset the DataDisplay to factory settings. The procedure is the same as the "PIN reset".